Welcome to Love…Explained. The goal of this blog is to do two things:

1) help you make your important relationships richer, more satisfying, better

2) give me an outlet to express the things that would otherwise be trapped in my mind and drive me crazy.

There is a lot of content here and it is always growing, so if you’re new here, here is a little guide to help you find what you’re looking for. If you have no idea who I am, check out the About page to get a feel for the person churning out all this content. If you’re looking for some inspiration and/or introspection, On Surviving the Mean Time is a great place to start. Or you can browse the Love Self category for more “self” centered fare.

If you’re a single gal, you may benefit from starting with posts like On 20 Signs That They’re Just Not That Into You or, its sister post On 20 Signs That They Really Are Into You. For those interested in making some big changes in their dating lives, On Saying No to Nookie: A Dating Girls Guide to Abstinence is a must read (in my humble opinion).  For married readers, The Swiss Cheese Metaphor may be a good staring point, that or On Happily Being Unhappily Married. (It’s not what you think. Just read it.) There are a lot of dating/marriage posts, so just take a look around the Love Mate category and see what you come across.

For parents of young children, Love Children is full of child-focused posts, most of which detail my thoughts and experiences as a new mom. A Letter…From Baby Zara is a nice lighthearted read. Words From a Non-Superwoman is just as nice, but takes a more serious approach.

Then there’s the Grab Bag. You’re liable to find anything in there. It’s the landing place for all my posts that aren’t exactly relationship centered. You can find everything from On Letters From a Jilted Green Smoothie to On Empty Savings Accounts and Modern day Slavery. Yeah… I’m all over the place.

If you like my writing and would like to read more that isn’t published here on this blog, check out the Books section for links to purchase my published works. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again real soon:)

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