365 Marriage Oath

I _____________ commit to devoting at least another 365 days to improving my marriage.

During that time I will…

  • make every effort to be kind, considerate, compassionate, affectionate, and focused on the task of creating a better us.

  • express my concerns without attacking, yelling, belittling or disrespecting.

  • withhold judgement and not hold grudges.

  • find something new to love about my spouse.

  • overlook the things I don’t love about my spouse.

  • pray with and for my spouse.

  • be kind, be kind, be kind, and be kind.

I will NOT give up halfway through because it is too hard or not going like I imagined. I will persevere for the entire 365 days because I know real change can take time to take effect. I will be patient and find comfort in the fact that THINGS CAN AND DO GET BETTER!


Date: ______________________

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