Personal Bio:

Nadirah Angail is a Kansas City native that has been writing for as long as she can remember. Though she graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Drexel University with a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, she always kept writing close to her heart and wrote in her spare time.

In 2006, she began working as a therapist with a wide variety of families and couples who suffered from issues ranging from depression and drug addiction to infidelity and marital discord. Her clients have taught her that, though everyone presents differently, we all want understanding and validation.

In 2009, she had her first child and decided to (temporarily) leave the professional world to focus on motherhood. That’s when she began to professionally blog and work as a freelance writer. She incorporated much of what she learned into her writing, hoping to spread invaluable information to her readers. Encouraged by her many blog readers, she published her first book in 2010 entitled On All the Things That Make Me Beautiful: Short Inspirational Essays on Life, Love & Self. In 2011, she took a different approach and published a novel entitled What We Learned Along the Way.

Regardless of if she’s in the office with clients, writing blog posts or writing books, her goal remains unchanged: to use her writing to help others.

The Important Stuff

-6 years of professional writing experience (2008-current)
-Operates a blog with over 450 followers
-Specializes in relationships, dating, sex, marriage and family, and women’s issues, but capable of writing on various topics
-Experience with guest articles, ghost writing, editing, blogging, creative writing, talent bios, website content, and more
-Author of 2 self-published books
-BA in Communications, Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy
-Featured on HuffPost Live, mybrownbaby.com, blackandmarriedwithkids.comtheyoungmommylife,com, Sisters Magazine


I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients from all over the world, and what I have learned is that everyone wants smooth and effective content. Regardless of if I’m editing a hefty 70,000-word book or creating a few short paragraphs for a small business’ website, each client needs to know that their project is a priority and that I will deliver content that converts and connects. That may sound like a given, but a lot of writing misses the mark. It’s not just about grammar and punctuation (though those are important). It’s not even just about accurate content. It’s about the flow of the content, the feeling.

That’s what I specialize in.

Simply put: I create content that feels good. It puts the reader at ease and draws them in. Now you know my secret;) Feel free to contact me about a custom sample to see if I’d be able to meet your needs.

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